HDF Flooring in Egypt by kemet for laminates floors

HDF Flooring



 Kemet Flooring Company is an Egyptian company specialized in the importation of HDF Flooring in Egypt. The company works to import flooring and supply it to customers and to facilitate our customers. The company provides installation service in Egypt, where it has a large number of skilled technicians.
Where we send a technician to the client site to raise the size and quantity and offer a price offer to customers and we also to the convenience of our customers send the customer samples of natural in the workplace.

HDF Flooring in Egypt by kemet for laminates floors with best prices and perfect quality.

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Made in Germany
Brand: krono Original
Collection: Ready Fix

Made in Germany
Brand: krono Original
Collection: Vario


Made in Germany
Brand: krono Original
Collection: Super Natural


Made in Germany
Brand: krono Original
Collection: Castello




HDF flooring is beautiful. These floors are made of natural wood fruits, such as wood, beech, wood, or other beautiful natural wood. These choices allow the customer to choose the most appropriate choice to match the interior decoration and interior beauty and give a sense of presence in nature.

HDF flooring


Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of colors from gray, brown, beige and many colors. This allows the customer to choose the colors of the colors consistent with the rest of the decoration elements available in the house and achieve integration between them to reach the best possible result.

Easy and fast installation:

HDF flooring are easy to install and are easy to install to the highest degree. The floor of an entire house can be installed within one working day. This implementation period is the lowest compared to other traditional flooring such as ceramics and other types.

HDF flooring Egypt

Easy to clean:

That flooring is easy to clean, as they are not affected by stains, for example, with the same effort that can be polished to come back as new and it does not need water to clean, using the polisher floors can only be cleaned of dust and any other things.

Environment friendly:

laminate flooring is environmentally friendly as its manufacturing components are natural to a large extent, so it does not harm the environment compared to alternatives such as marble.

Ease of maintenance:

HDF flooring is easy to maintain. If any floor tiles are damaged, they can be removed and replaced again in minutes, so we should make sure that there are additional floor tiles to be used when needed.

HDF Flooring

Easy to change:

Laminate wood flooring is also easy to change. You can change the entire floor of the house during the working day and do not affect the place, leave no effect after removal. This is a great advantage for companies and exhibitions that change the decor of the place periodically.

Resistant to the sun:

The layer that covers this flooring is resistant to sunlight and does not affect it.

Scratch Resistant:

HDF are highly resistant to scratches and to varying degrees according to use whether in a home, office or exhibition.


Laminate flooring are economical to the highest degree compared to other alternatives such as natural wood, which may be as much as double the floor or marble, which is in a completely different price category.


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